Why Timegating is a good thing

I've been wanting to write this article for quite a while now and it's something I've complained about in the past a lot. So let me start off by giving you some backstory with what lead up to this article. Back in January of this year I was not playing World of Warcraft anymore and I was looking for something to scratch that MMO itch. I gave Elder Scrolls Online a chance and at first I welcomed a lot of the systems in place there as better than WoW but things started falling apart for me after not too long. The final nail in the coffin for me was the Elsweyr "expansion" that recently came out. My fianc?e and I pre-ordered it and because of that we got it a few days early. The expansion was priced on par with the price of a World of Warcraft expansion and I was hyped. It was being advertised as a new zone with new gear, new characters and new content so things were looking positive for me. In reality what we got was about 10 hours of content in total with the dragons being almost directly lifted off of Skyrim mechanically. I was quite disappointed and felt cheated at the lack of content being offered at a premium price. The zone itself was advertised as a mountainous dessert zone zone with concept art showing off beautiful sights to be seen but the reality was it was another flat zone with bland visuals and all the cosmetic expansion based stuff being sold in the cash shop at the normal ridiculous prices. Now before I bash ESO too much here I'll get back to why I'm defending Timegating. Let's take WoW's 8.2 patch as an example this patch alone is about the same amount of content as the Elsweyr "expansion" in ESO so it's a fair comparison. Nazjatar has Timegating to artificially extend the lifetime of content a bit which in my opinion is a good thing. You do a chunk of content to level your bodyguard and then you are able to progress a bit further. There is a reasonable amount of content that does not falsely get advertised as a whole expansion that forces you to explore the world while you wait for the next stuff to come around. You aren't mindlessly killing mobs either but doing world quests, running older content for mounts and doing some fun quests. Oh and by the way... Nazjatar is only one part of the content that came out with the 8.2 patch so Zenimax... Get it together guys. You're corporate greed is busy making Activision look like saints.

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