Weekly Update #3

I'm betting this weekly update is about 2 weeks late so I'm sorry. Not a lot has been happening at Stormrage Gaming. I'm still enjoying World of Warcraft and getting back into the Pok?mon TCG again so there is that. The site is in a good place now with decent systems in place to do what I need to do with it but there are some changes coming. The reviews section needs to be rebuilt. In it's current state it can only be used for game reviews which is limiting it a bit. I want to build in categories to split review types so I can review hardware, games and game stores. On the content side of things I want to rip out the political content and start doing more regular gaming content. In all honesty I'm coming to a point where I'm getting sick of politics and I'd like to just play some games. Unfortunately the political content seems to be helping the site grow so for now it has to stick around I guess. We really need writers at SRG but that is proving hard to find so for now I'll just keep doing it solo. Until next week I'm signing off.

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