Politics in Entertainment

You know what's starting to grind my gears nowadays. Politics. You see I can no longer go anywhere without politics being shoved down my throat. It's literally everywhere. You will see people calling Trump a racist(maybe he is, maybe he isn't I couldn't care less) or the special snowflake trans community calling for more trans representation in games or the next James Bond being a black woman(yeah I don't get this one either). Let's flip the table a bit and say I think the next Lara Croft should be a male or maybe the next Black Panther should be a white female or how about we take Alladin and cast him as a Asian Neo Nazi Female. Obviously I don't think any of these idiotic things but you can see where I'm going with this right? If you apply the same logic these communities are calling for that their ideologies should be represented we should be representing the Neo Nazi's, the KKK and all others out there because equality right? By applying the same logic groups like BLM applies it should be okay to say slavery is a good thing and black people should be oppressed and women should lose all rights. Obviously this is wrong but thinking what's being pushed on us all is equality is plain stupidity.

Now the reason this really pisses me off is not the fact that James Bond is now suddenly getting a gender and race change or that the Little Mermaid is now black or even that Doctor Who is suddenly a woman it's because in the long run it hurts franchises we all care about. Let's take a few real world examples here. The 2016 Ghostbusters had to make $US300 million to just break even. Spoiler Alert it didn't. The producer feels it was because the movie cost too much to make to which I would like to say. No you fucking idiot! You took a franchise that we all wanted to fuel our nostalgia with and made it impossible to relate to. What the actual fuck did you think will happen if you took a beloved franchise and smeared it with shit and tried to sell it to us? If you made less of a PR fuck up of the film you could have spent less money trying to sell the ball of fecal matter you produced and instead used the money to produce a quality film but hey I guess trying to appeal to the SJW crowd was more important. Now let's take one more example. Doctor Who saw a massive drop in viewers because of the maggot infested combination of piss poor acting from Jodie Whittaker and a politically correct plot. I don't have a lot to say about this one but the numbers don't lie. Fans were expecting sci-fi entertainment but were instead bombarded by politics and you know what. I'm glad all of this is happening. I'm glad these snowflake communities are leaving these shit stains on these beloved franchises because you know what the endgame is going to be here? This kind of thing will NEVER happen again. Eventually studios will have to realise losing money is not how good business gets done. You see there's absolutely nothing wrong with representation of minorities in media but when it becomes the core focus the fans will stop supporting it. So let's ride out the wave my dudes. Just remember that you and your wallet holds the power. If you don't like what game and film studios are doing don't support them. I know a lot of times you want to fuel your nostalgia but accepting sub par nonsense is not the way to go. Let's come together and push back against the invasion of politics in gaming and make gaming great again. 

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