Who We Are

Stormrage Gaming is a South Africa gaming community run by a group that is collectively referred to as the Stormrage Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We pride ourselves in bringing a sense of unity and pride to the splintered gaming scene in South Africa

Our History

Stormrage Gaming was found in December 2014 by Johan "lordraz0r" Kotzé as a small gathering place for a group of friends to gather after South Africa's largest community at the time Afrigamer shut down.

Our Team

Johan "lordraz0r" Kotze

Founder / Leader / Software Engineer

Our resident technology geek and software engineer. He is fueled by energy drinks and a drive to succeed

Veronica "Miachu" Niemann

Leader / QA / Social Media Specialist

Our social media specialist and tester. She can mainly be found in her natural habitat behind her laptop preparing posts for our social media outlets or finding new bugs for Johan to fix.

Luan "ShadowStorm" Lotter

Leader / Network Engineer

Our resident Network Engineer. You can normally find him fiddling around with our servers optimising them to always run ath their full potential.

Julian "Tazzy" Laubscher


Our in house video editing guru. He normally suffers from sleep deprivation from playing games all night. He never learns his lesson.